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4 FUNCTIONS IN 1: Citrus Pressing, Centrifuge with Citrus Pressing, Juicing, Pureeing. Buy Now!

Novis Vita Juicer

Designed and developed in Switzerland, the Novis Vita Juicer is a multifunctional juicer offering 4 functions in 1 - citrus pressing (Citromax®), centrifuge with citrus pressing (Vitatec®), juicing, and pureeing for a natural and healthy lifestyle.

Its high-quality processing, the novel technology, product design and responsible handling of the materials used for the product and packaging, make the Novis Vita Juicer a world first in the field of kitchen appliances. Aesthetics, technology and design combined in one brand-name product - resulting in the best looking and most compact juicer of its class, for natural energy and vitality.